Firetown Road is an Americana and indie folk band whose compelling stories and melodies invoke a sense of nostalgia for a Nashville-filtered country yearning for days gone by. Singer-songwriter Grant Gritzmacher's anecdotes include insightful and often clever takes on the poignancy of the bygone American experience, while the music rises from the dusty heartland and echoes depression-era boxcar ballads tinged with land, love, loneliness, and the quest for belonging in a land of missed opportunities. Firetown Road's genre-straddling sound blends saloon-tested balladry with Dixieland saxophone riffs by Dan Aber on songs like "Hide My Heroin" and "Iron Road," and conjures pop/punk tones with their '90s-reminiscent rock song "Seventeen." 

Grant Gritzmacher           Vocals/Guitar

Michael Cervas                 Piano   

Brian Duperre                   Bass

Christopher Streeter        Drums

Dan Aber                           Saxophone